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Hometown: Bronx, NY | Major: Gov. & Politics | CO 2023

I am a junior majoring in Government and Politics with a minor in Psychology. As many of you know, I deeply resonate with my roots as I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan. After graduating, I aspire to attend law school and get involved in the world of politics back home.I enrolled as an undergraduate student at St. John’s at age 16 which evolved me into an ambitious leader who quickly learned to adapt to change. My involvement within SGi in the past includes serving as the Sophomore Representative for the Collins College of Professional Studies as well as the Assistant Chair of the Research & Development Committee. I also currently serve as the founding President of the Society of Bioethics and Medicine, Secretary for the Pakistani Students Association, and a mentor for E.P.I.C., a program created by Career Services that allows  upperclassmen to mentor underclassmen to help them acclimate to campus life. My experience being a member of the St. John’s Mock Trial Collegiate Team while competing competitively in regional tournaments and interning for a New York State Senator this semester has prepared me to think on my feet and tackle unforeseen obstacles.This year, I served a successful term as the Junior Senator on the SGi e-board. Being involved in SGi in recent years has truly given me an insight into how reform can be implemented rather very quickly as a student leader. Leading a new org to gain recognition within the initial year of establishment during my sophomore year, I am proud to say that I am one for the orgs. My experience working within the legislative branch in SGi and my heavy involvement with student organizations on campus, will bring new perspectives and creativity with no limits to the SJU community. Organization sustainability will be my top priority as student orgs will receive increased support to uphold their longevity. As President next year, I will enhance student facilities by providing resources for commuter students, accommodating students of different faiths through the construction of ablution rooms, as well as focusing on reforming dining services through partnerships with dining companies. I am prepared to make an immediate and lasting contribution as your next Student Body President and strongly desire you make the right choice because truly,
L.O.V.E. is all YOU need!
Vote for Laiba for President!


Hometown: Queens, NY | Major: Gov.& Politics | CO 2024

I am a Government and Politics major with minors in English, Economics and Philosophy. I am currently serving as a founding member and president of the St. John’s Constitutional Law Society. In addition, I am a Sophomore Senator along with being the chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee under the Legislative branch of the SGi. I was appointed as the inaugural Chair of the Governmental Affairs committee which I cultivated into what it is now.
Through these positions I have created a community for those interested in pursuing a career in the legal and political field. I also provided students with networking opportunities which will assist them in their careers after graduation. Apart from that, I have been an active participant in developing the university’s political relations on behalf of the student body. Upon graduating I plan on pursuing a career in law and later dabbling into the world of politics. Growing up in my home country, Bangladesh, I was surrounded by injustice. I saw my peers fall victim to the consequences of a back-dated and unjust society. I was a contributing citizen in multiple protests and demonstrations held in order to combat our oppressive government. While I no longer live there, I still crave to be a part of political change. I want to be a part of impactful change no matter how big or small it is. I am currently materializing my aspirations by interning for both a New York State Senator and a Congresswoman.
I believe that change has to start somewhere and serving my university is the most rewarding starting point. As Vice President next year, I want to create a St. John’s where students are not only content but also proud to be Johnnies. One of my primary initiatives is to improve public health on campus. There is an evident lack of STI and STD testing accessibility on campus which I want to eradicate. I want to commence this proposal by acquiring resources such as accessible condoms, pregnancy tests, etc. to the student body in order to ensure their safety. I want to destigmatize reproductive and sexual health problems along with ensuring the physical well-being of the student body. I also want to ensure students’ self sufficiency upon graduation by introducing a program to help students with managing their finances. The program would offer assistance with filing taxes, starting and growing retirement savings, along with workshops on managing earnings responsibly. The student body’s experience in St. John’s will not improve overnight; however, with hard work and diligence, I plan to substantially refine what it means to be a student at St. John’s University.Vote for Nawsin for Vice President!


Hometown: Linden, NJ | Major: Biology | CO 2023

I am a junior year majoring in biology. I am currently on Student Government as a Junior Senator. I am running for Secretary on Student Government in Fall 2022. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I have aspirations to be in the medical field in the future. I enjoy going out with my friends, playing videos games, and learning about Apple devices. I wish to be a voice for the students, if not be a megaphone, to ensure that all students are heard. My mission is to create a warm and fun environment on St. John’s Campus for students, staff and generations to come. I want to improve campus life to the best of my ability.Vote for William for Secretary!


Hometown: Queens, NY | Major: Biomedical Sciences | CO 2023

As an enthusiastic and active member of the SGI Senate, I have been able to serve and promote the student body and strengthen SGI to do the same. I also have experience assisting the creation of a new student organization as a Committee Member of the Biomedical Sciences Organization. I have seen first hand the type of help we can offer students in their academics, career and well-being. I have experience participating in event creation, public relations and communication, and promotion of events. I currently shadow at a dentist office and have experience with patient enhancement as well as minor procedures as part of my pursuit to become a doctor in primary care. I have served as an Orientation Leader and have sharpened my public speaking skills as well as my inter-personal skills in a way that has allowed me to engage with people and figured out what their needs are and how to meet them. With knowledge of internal functions and experience serving the community, I believe I can serve the student body well as treasurer and represent everyone equally and reliably. As Treasurer, I will restructure Power to Organize to allow more groups into SGI. I will increase Senate transparency about budgeting functions by keeping them well informed and up-to-date so they are knowledgeable and so their judgment is better when approving allocated funds. I will ensure all SGI-recognized student organizations are well-funded and knowledgeable about option for funding. I am prepared to serve and I will guarantee each organization is empowered to provide for the students of St. John’s University. Remember, L.O.V.E. is all you need!Vote for Chris for Treasurer!


Hometown: Long Island, NY | Major: Biology | CO 2025

I am a first-year student majoring in Biology, on a pre-medical track where I aspire to specialise in the surgical discipline of neurosurgery in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region upon my undergraduate years. I am currently a part of the selective First-Year Research Program at our university, where I focus on emerging neuropsychological research. Additionally, I am heavily involved on our campus as I am a part of many organisations where I hold positions within social media on their executive boards, improving my skills in public relations and social media optimisation. My involvement within our Student Government Inc. includes serving as the Freshman Senator for St. John’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Committee Member of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) under SGi. I currently serve as the Freshman Liaison for the South Asian Student Association (SASA), the Social Media Manager & Undergraduate Assistant for the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) & Inclusivity Resource Center (IRC), the Social Media Chair & Events Coordinator for the United Nations Association of the U.S.A., the Social Media Chair for the CRS (Catholic Relief Services) Ambassadors of Global Justice, the Public Relations for the Animal Rights Association (TARA), among others.Through being involved in our university’s Student Government in my first-year, I have been able to further increase my knowledge on how to better represent my general student body and make real, effective change within our St. John’s community. Creating more transparency within our structural power and having more engaging digital platforms for our student body will be my top priorities as your next SGi Press Secretary. As always, L.O.V.E. is all YOU need!Vote for Sara for Press Secretary!

All You Need Is L.O.V.E.